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I'm thinking about writing a Doctor Who fic, but I want to find out how many watch it first. Do you watch Doctor Who? 

4 deviants said Forever and always :D
4 deviants said Don't watch it
No deviants said I keep up with it but I'm not crazy about it.

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Engaged to and dating :iconbluemoonfairy99:


Week 6:
The Hood has attacked some big business guy that I honestly don’t care about. We were ready for him this time. We have found that he likes to enter through windows, so we have snipers aimed at each one. My partner and I are with the goon with money, ready for anything.

“Detective Lance, the target has entered from the second floor.” I hear over coms.

“What do you mean he’s gone through the second floor?! We’re on the 6th floor!” I reply as my partner takes out his gun.

“I mean that he somehow knew that we would be here, waiting for him. He’s a pro.” I shake my head and take my gun out as well, turning towards the door.

The Hood kicks the down the door, bow at the ready.

“Sir, put the bow down and put your hands up!” I yell at the hooded man.

“I will not be put to this type of torture.” The rich goon says from behind me. I turn around to find with trigger in hand.

“Don’t do this.” I start to say before he presses the button.

Before I can react The Hood grabs me and pushes me out of the window. Still holding on to me, he lands, hard, on the pavement below. I luckily land on top of him. I lay there for a second looking for the identity of this mysterious man who has saved my life even though I’ve been hunting him like a wild dog. I quickly stand up when I’ve been staring at his lips.

“You’re welcome.” He says as he stands up, obviously sore, and makes his exit.

Week 10:
Some gang mobster is here at the Queen’s party shooting guns like they’re fireworks on the 4th of July. Everyone else on the squad is trying to get the people out, but I’m looking for him. That’s when I spot him. The Arrow, that’s what we call him now, shooting all these mobster guys like it’s a normal Saturday night. That’s when we both realize that there’s a fire and we need to get all of these people out of here, and fast.

“How are we supposed to get all of these people out of here in time?” I ask him when he comes up to me.

“I need you to worry about that. I’ll distract the mobsters.” He replies. I now that he’s using some type of voice mask, but his voice still seems calming. I nod and go help get these people out.

After everyone is out I turn round to find The Arrow. I don’t see him and turn around to leave when there is an explosion and some strong force pushes me against the wall. When I look I see The Arrow protecting me with his body. Why does it always have to be an explosion?

Week 14:
I had gotten an anonymous call from The Arrow. He needed my help. I had driven and hour and a half to the mall for a reason I didn’t even know. Why did I feel that I needed to help this man I don’t know, and yet I feel like I know him better than I know myself. I was searching the floor I was on when I heard him behind me.

“Glad you could make it Detective.” He says, his voice masking device still in use. I don’t what I supposed to suspect when turned around, but I was disappointed to find him wearing a hoodie, making it nearly impossible to see his face.

“What seems to be the problem?” I ask, trying not to let the disappointment show.

“Follow me.” He says, not explaining anything. I follow him onto the escalator to go down. “To your left. Don’t look.” He says, motioning to some guy I can barely see through the corner of my eyes going up the escalator.

“What do we do?” I ask, letting him be in charge.

“You know how public symbols of affection are uncomfortable?” He asks, leaving me not to ask and just nod and he turns to face me.
Before I can react he moves in putting his mysterious lips on mine. He puts his hands in my hair, acting like this was normal. I kiss back putting my arms around his neck. We stand there, making out for what seems like forever, until The Arrow separates himself from me and looks to see the other man gone.

“Thanks for your help, Detective.” He says as he turns back around and leaves me behind.

“No problem.” I whisper back as I stand there, watching him leave, now wondering what this man has done to me.
Detective Lance x Vigilante - The Chase
I meant for this to be 300 to 350 word.
784 WORDS!!!!
Just more proof that I need a life.
Pietro laid you in the bed you shared and put blankets up to your chin.

“Pietro! I’ve got to go to work!” You yell as you try to get out from underneath the covers, but Pietro just keeps on speed putting replacing them.

“You are sick. You’re allowed to take a sick day. Now I’m going to make you some chicken noodle soup and you better still be here when I get back.”

“Or what?”

He thinks a minute before he replies and exits the room. “I’ll never kiss you again.”

“But that counts as torcher!” You yell out of the room.

“Well who do we have here?” He says sarcastically when he walks in, seeing you still in the bed.

“Just give me the soup so I can get better and go to work.” You say coldly. Pietro just sits next to you on the bed and feeds you the soup. “I hope you know I can feed myself.” You in between spoonful’s of soup.

“So?” He says before he gives you the last of the soup and takes the bowl downstairs. Before you know it he’s back and starts fiddling around with the blankets, making sure you’re tucked in. He leans in for a kiss, but you stop him.

“You’ll get sick if you kiss me.” You almost whine.

“I don’t care.” He then presses his soft lips to yours. He leaves again, but right before he exits the door he adds, “Get some sleep will you.”

^^^^^^Time jump brought to you by Kitty’s weird mutant powers that don’t fit together between the two X-Men movies she’s in

The next morning you’re sitting next to Pietro as you are the one spooning him soup.

“I told you you’d get sick.” You laugh.
You watch as this Charles guy, Logan, some other guy they helped escape, and your crush, Pietro were about to leave the kitchen of the Pentagon. Then some guys with guns corner them against the wall. The guy that just got punched by Charles, Erik, you think, lifts his hands and every form of metal starts moving. From your place behind one of the shelves you see Charles put his hand on Erik trying to stop him, and the security guys shoot their guns.

Before you think you fling out your arm causing a bright white light to hit the security guards and send them flying across the room. You quickly put your arm back to our side, trying not to be noticed.

“Who did that?” Erik asks in his thick accent.

“I think it came from over there.” Charles says as he points in the direction you’re hiding.

In a blink of an eye Pietro has pulled you from behind the shelf.

“[Name]! What are you doing here?!” Pietro asked, obviously mad at you. You hate to see him mad like this.

“I followed you.” You say, putting on your best poker face.

“Look, no matter how hot your girlfriend is I would like to get out of here as fast as possible.” Erik sasses.

“Hey, I’m only 13 ‘Metallica’.” You sass right back.

You see Erik mouth ‘Metallica?’ to Charles and Logan, both of them shrugging in reply.

“And she’s not technically my girlfriend.” Pietro says, thinking he had to add that part.

“What is that thing you can do?” Charles asks, knowing the girlfriend thing is a touchy subject.

“I’m guessing some form of plasma ball, but I’m some world top scientists so I really have no clue.”

You were about  to walk out of the room when one of the security guards shoots you right through the heart, the last thing you see being Pietro’s beautiful face.

***********Time jump brought to you by Futurama science

You wake up not able to open your eyes.

“Be ready Plan B. I have a feeling I’m going to need you against these Avengers.” You hear someone say before the sound of metal hitting cement echoes through the room.

You are slowly able to stand up from where you were laying, and open your eyes. You look around to see that you’re in some forgot underground palace.

“(Y/n)?” You heard a familiar voice ask behind you. You turn your head to find no other than Pietro.  “How?”

“I could ask you the same thing. What’s going on?” You ask, worry present in your voice.

“I’m so sorry, (Y/n). I didn’t think he would drag you into this.” He replies, sadness in his eyes.

“What are you talking about Pietro?” you ask grabbing his hand.

“I can’t loose you again.” He replies, tears now streaming down his face. He looks at the ground. With your free hand you wipe his tears away and come up with a solution.

“Then let’s run away together.” You say as you lift up his chin. You can see his eyes glimmer like they used to. He nods and then grabs your hand and runs away with you.
Quicksilver (x-men)xReaderxQuicksilver (Avengers2)
This was supposed to be 300 words. My brain: Nope let's make it 532.
And then my Word wasn't letting me copy.

Request by :iconartist-cupid: 


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